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Got back from Dashcon last night. It was a great con, and I’m really annoyed with all my friends perpetuating the ignorant hate posts by people who didnt even go to the con and those few people who did but didnt bother to find out any information about anything and just came on to complain. Certainly things didnt go perfectly, but all I’m seeing are a bunch of misinformed posts, and then random people rebloging adding stuff like, “man it’s worse than i thought!” and “wow i cant believe it!”. We killed the hotel’s wifi, so hopefully now that those who were at the con and enjoyed themselves are filtering back home the dashcon tag will start to see some positivity, because despite all the troubles this first time con went through, the admins and attendees were amazing, and everyone left with a real positive attitude and we all had a great time.

I met a lot of awesome people over the weekend, so thank you all for making Dashcon 2014 a great experience! : D

Tableing was alright, i didnt bring nearly enough fanart but i should have expected that XD. this being my first time doing Artist Alley, I have to say I was nervous going in but everything went smoothly, and i talked to a lot of great people! the rest of the alley was awesome too! the quality of the artists here was astounding, I had to leave my table several times to look around and buy stuff. i should have taken more pictures of my booth, but i’ll post one later. I dont know if i can afford to keep doing artist alley, but in terms of how fun it was, i definitely want to do it again!

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aaaaah, i cant believe it! Dashcon is a day away! Are you coming? You should visit me at my table!

Table 21, that’s me. Right by the exit. I sure wish i didnt wait to the last minute to get all my stuff done but hopefully i will be all ready for this weekend. XD

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