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Name Change you guys!~



Hey guys, it’s me Zero, formally ZeroPro, now Zero_theRedWolf!

sorry about the name change, i’ve been Zeropro for so long it seems a bit weird, and it is, but it’s because lately i’ve been thinking about my online presence as an artist, and i realized when I search “ZeroPro” on google my tumblr (this) was the first hit. And I didnt know how to feel about that, If i want to use this name professionally in the future (might not, but as it’s going now i dont use my real name for anything so who knows) i dont want it associated with all the fun I have on this site. So yeah, sorry if you are confused, or upset, but that’s how it is. ok, thanks for reading, bye!

Oh, and if anyone follows my art blog, it has changed to ZeroPro. it used to be ZeroProArt, but since this one’s name is changed, there’s no reason to make that distinction.

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Kill la Nuzlocke Contes by VolbeatFiro on deviantART

Y’all watch Kill la Kill yet? I did, over the weekend, and it was Glorious!

Pretty much right after finishing it, I hear about this Kill la Kill X Nuzlocke contest that looks like super fun. I’m thinking of entering, even though I suck at fashion. If you love KLK and have a nuzlocke then go and check it out!

As for me, i had to start from somewhere, so here’s Jet in her school uniform as a no star student (she wears the track uniform because she doesnt like the skirt)

and here’s her in just the sailor uniform:

See? Jet is a girl! and you all didn’t believe me. : V

My club ideas so far:

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